Township Notices : Information on WEEDS pertaining to the Spring of 2017 below.


Johanna Newland, Clerk

To Contact Kaleb Hanson , Animal Control Officer call: 760-6651- if no answer please leave message and he will return your call. If you have any questions call the Township at 333-3617.

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(Please tab Bemidji Township Invasive Plant Fact Sheet for pictures of actual NOXIOUS WEEDS)

Bemidji Township Invasive Plant Fact Sheet

Invasive species are a serious problem. Once established they can quickly spread and reduce native plants and wildlife. Natural Habitats can be lost and the spread of invasive plants and animals can have a detrimental effect on the quality of life and our economy. The Minnesota Department of Agriculture takes the lead on terrestrial noxious weeds and invasive plants and enforcement of the Noxious Weed Law is conducted by Beltrami County and individual Townships. Controling invasive terrestrial plants is currently a priority in Bemidji Township and an inventory has been underway. The lands within the Township are largely free of invasive plants; however they are present along some roadsides, power line corridors and other open areas . Bemidji Township is currently utilizing a combination of timed mowing and biological controls for weeds on Township road right of ways. The Township has a mix of private, state, federal, and county lands and each landowner has the responsibility to control invasive plants on their property.


Be able to identify common invasive plants.

Pull or mow weeds before they begin to flower. Mark small infestations so that you will be able to check for new seedlings. Mow or pull weeds until the first frost .

Be persistent in you effort, repeating control methods because plant seed can remain viable for several years.

Mow non-invasive infested parts of you property first and then mow the portion with invasive plants. Clean your mower and the soles of your shoes.

Avoid traveling in infested areas with vehicles. Invasive seeds and plant parts can be transported on the underside of vehicles or tire treads.

Contact the Township Supervisor Lowell Vagle at 333-3617 if you have questions regarding invasive plants and control methods.










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